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DIY Hologram

Simple hologram made with cd case or plastic. Make one small enough for your phone, using one cd case or large for ipad or laptop, by using four cd cases.  


American Baby

Our forefathers ensured the right of all American citizens to be protected under the Constitution. It does not matter your race or Nationality. It does not matter if your bloodline reaches to our Revolution,...


Dear Mr. Pope

The oldest existing military unit in the history of the world. The Pontifical Swiss Guard has protected the Pope since 1505. The Hundred Swiss were created in 1480 when Louis XI retained a Swiss...


The Pirate Party USA

  Why are we letting them force us into a two party system? We have over forty political parties, and yet not even the Constitution Party is allowed in our debates. How does that...


Germanys Sleeping Beauty

‘Ramadan row’ behind fire at Düsseldorf refugee shelter http://www.thelocal.de/20160609/ramadan-row-behind-fire-at-dsseldorf-refugee-shelter A total of 282 male refugees from Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and Afghanistan were being housed in the former trade show hall. http://www.dw.com/en/massive-blaze-engulfs-refugee-home-in-d%C3%BCsseldorf/a-19312544 Refugee camp in...


Hillary- Tales of a Pathological Liar

Hillarys’ style of politics is called pandering to the masses. Her political views change, depending on who she is speaking to and who is funding her. Let us watch the flip-flopper, in its natural...